Frequently Asked Questions about Liens

An etitle or paperless title means that titles with a security interest (title with lien(s)) are held in electronic form by the Kansas Division of Vehicles. The Kansas Division of Vehicles cannot issue a Kansas paper title for a Kansas resident, original or duplicate, that has a lienholder indicated on the vehicle’s electronically held title record.

If you have a clear Kansas paper title or lien release from a previous lender in your possession, you will need to surrender it to the lien holder and complete and sign an application for secured title, form TR-720B.

The lien holder is responsible for submitting the title along with the completed and signed application for secured title to the local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office or through the Kansas E-lien system. There is a title fee for this transaction.

Heavy Trucks/Mobile Homes/Manufactured Homes
Only heavy trucks registered for 26,001 pounds or more and mobile or manufactured homes may have up to two liens recorded on the vehicle’s record.

Since the vehicle is currently titled in the owner’s name, a secured title application is the process used to “refinance” the vehicle. The lienholder that is refinancing the vehicle must make the application for secured title in the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. There is a title fee for this transaction.

The following documentation will be required from the applicant:

Vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,000 Pounds or Less
A refinance title application is used when the current Kansas title record indicates a lienholder, which is then paid off (satisfied) and is replaced by a new obligation (lienholder). A lien release from the current lienholder must be received by the division of vehicles within 30 days of the date of application. Failure to provide the lien release within the required time frame will render the refinance application incomplete. If the application is rendered incomplete, the applicant will not be able to renew their registration until the original lien is released. There is a fee for this transaction.

  • To add a second lien to a vehicle, the lienholder will need to apply for a refinance secured title, form TR-720R. The lienholder is responsible for submitting the registration receipt along with the completed and signed application for refinance secure title to the local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office or make application through the KS E-lien system.
  • The lienholder that is refinancing the vehicle will be listed as the second lienholder on the vehicle’s record. Once the first lienholder has been paid off, they may submit their lien release electronically (if they are members of the KS E-Lien system), or by providing it to the owner who will then submit it to the local county treasurer’s office or fax it to the Titles and Registrations Bureau at 785-296-2383.

To perfect a security interest on a vehicle, a NSI must be filed within 30 days of date of purchase. To file a NSI you will need to complete Form TR-730 and mail to the Division of Vehicles or file through the Kansas E-lien system. There is a fee for this transaction.

A lien may be released in a number of ways. If you have a paper title with a lien recorded on it, the lien release can be completed and notarized on the title itself or on a separate document. If it’s on a separate document attach the document to the title. If your title is being held electronically it can be released on the letterhead of the lienholder, on another form meeting the requirements listed below or we recommend using our form TR-150. Lien releases must contain all the following information:

  • Vehicle year, make and the entire vehicle identification number (VIN);
  • Name of the owner(s);
  • Name of the lienholder;
  • Statement that the lien is paid/satisfied/forgiven/etc. and is released;
  • Signature of authorized agent of the lienholder and position or title with the lienholder;
  • Name and address information where the title is to be mailed; and
  • If the lienholder is located in a state which requires the release to be notarized, this must also be present. Kansas lienholders are required to notarize all lien releases.

The properly completed lien release can be submitted four different ways:

  • County Treasurer’s Motor Vehicle Office: Take or fax to ANY county treasurer’s motor vehicle office to process.
  • Electronically: Lienholders that are members of the Kansas E-lien program can electronically release the lien if the lien was recorded through the Elien system. Make sure your lienholder has your current address for them to put in our system when they release the lien.
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: 785-296-2383
  • If title is immediately needed, the vehicle owner may take release of lien to Kansas Vehicle Title Services Co. There is a fee for this transaction.
    • Address: 2127 SW 37th St
    • Phone: 785-215-8435

Please call the Kansas Division of Vehicles, Titles and Registrations Bureau at 785-296-3621, press 5 for assistance in signing up for the Kansas E-Lien Program.

When a lien has been paid off (satisfied) by cash, intra-bank transfer or wired funds, the lienholder will then have 3 business days after the receipt of payment and a request for the release of the lien, form TR-155, to deliver the lien release to the requester. If any other form of payment is used the lienholder will have 10 business days.

If the lienholder fails to issue a lien release a complaint can be filed using form TR-156.

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