Medical/Vision Review Information

Man in carEvery effort will be made to assist drivers on their journey to obtain and maintain their driving privileges. Our office is ADA and statutorily compliant with all of our requests and requirements. We do not discriminate by age or impairment, however we are charged with the duty to determine a driver’s safety on the roadways in Kansas.

Our office relies on our medical and vision community to assist in making these decisions.

Kansas Medical Advisory Board (MAB) assists the Director of Vehicles and our Medical / Vision Unit in interpreting conflicting information and formulating action based upon the recommendation of specialists. The board also helps determine the driving eligibility of complicated cases.

A driving rehabilitation assessment may be required as a result of a drive test with a Kansas examiner, after an accident or illness by your doctor or it may be required by the Kansas Medical Advisory Board (MAB) during a case review. A rehabilitation assessment will consist of a thorough report of your reaction time, divided attention, motor skills and drive test results which will be assessed by a facility of your choice. Simulator testing is not accepted as a drive test. If you choose to attend a rehabilitation drive facility (at your own cost), you must first have your physician provide you with a script authorizing the testing and submit it to the Medical/Vision Unit for review.

Click here for a list of rehabilitation assessment providers.

If you have recently had your vision corrected surgically to 20/40 or better and are fully healed, you will need to have the Corrective Lenses restriction removed from your driver’s license. Please have your eye doctor complete the form and fax it to (785) 296-5857 for processing. Click here for the form to take to your eye doctor.

Additional Information

Administrative hearings process

The driver has 30 days from the date of the revocation to submit a request for an administrative hearing if they feel that the revocation was unjust. The request must be written and signed and sent to our fax 785-296-5857 or mailed to PO Box 2188 Topeka, KS 66601. They will receive a letter from the hearings department when it has been scheduled.

Applicable Statutes

  • K.S.A. 8-247: Expiration of licenses; annual renewal for registered offenders; notice; renewal of license; reexamination; additional examinations; seizure disorders; extension of license when out-of-state; anatomical gift; state organ and tissue registry; report to legislature.
  • K.S.A 45-221: Certain records not required to be open; separation of open and closed information required; statistics and records over 70 years old open.
  • K.S.A. 8-237: Persons to whom license not issued.
  • K.S.A. 8-245: Restrictions on licensees; suspension or revocation; misdemeanor.
  • K.S.A. 8-255: Restriction, suspension or revocation of driving privileges by division of vehicles; grounds; procedure for restriction, suspension or revocation; driver improvement clinics; reinstatement fee.
  • K.S.A. 8-295: Vision standards for drivers' licenses.
  • Kansas Regulation 92-52-12: Standards for vision examinations.