Liquor Licenses and Permits

General Information

At the time of application, there are two options to pay your license fee:

  • pay the license fee and the registration fee in full or
  • pay half of the license fee plus the registration fee with your application and pay the remaining half of the license fee plus a 10 percent surcharge within one year from the date your license was issued. Note: If you do not pay your remaining license fee and the 10 percent surcharge when it is due, your license will automatically be cancelled.

Licensing Process

Application Prerequisites

Processing Applications

K.S.A. 41-319 allows the ABC 20 days to process manufacturer, distributor or non-beverage user license applications and 30 days for all other licenses and permits. The time limit begins once all required documentation is received.

The Miscellaneous Tax Segment may contact you during the licensing process regarding a liquor drink bond, liquor license bond or liquor tax issue.

License Delivery

Once your license or permit application has been approved, it will be delivered as follows:

  • New in-state licenses are hand-delivered by your local ABC enforcement agent.
  • Renewed licenses are mailed.
  • Permits are emailed to the applicant.

Term of Licenses or Permits

  • Liquor licenses are valid for a two year term.
  • Supplier Permits are valid from the date approved through the following June 30.
  • Temporary permits are valid for specific days.
  • Non-beverage permits are for a one time use.
  • All other permits are valid for one year.

Public Information

Once your license is approved or renewed, the liquor license number and company information will be posted to the ABC Active Liquor Licensee database. To view your information, go to:


To view the registration video tutorial for Kansas ABC online click here, or go here to read the transcript.

Apply/Renew Online

To use the online system you must pay using an electronic check or credit/debit card. Please note that the payment processing vendor charges a service charge for electronic payments, $1.50 for an electronic check or 2.5 percent of the total for credit/debit card use.

Closing Your Business

If you are closing your business, you must complete the ABC-824 form to surrender your liquor license.