Non-Beverage User License and Permit

Non-Beverage Permit: Allows any school, college, hospital, sanatorium or other institution caring for the sick a to import alcohol or wine; or, to purchase alcohol or wine from a microbrewery, farm winery, manufacturer or distributor for scientific, chemical, experimental, mechanical or medicinal purposes.

Non-Beverage User License: Allows the licensee to purchase alcohol or wine from a licensed manufacturer or distributor to be used solely for non-beverage purposes.

Differences between the non-beverage permit and the non-beverage user license are defined below.

Licensee Information

Non-Beverage User License

A non-beverage user means any manufacturer of products containing alcohol or wine in:

  • Patent and proprietary medicines;
  • Medicinal, antiseptic and toilet preparations;
  • Flavoring extracts, syrups and food products;
  • Scientific, industrial and chemical products; or,
  • Scientific, chemical, experimental or mechanical purposes.

A non-beverage user includes all laboratories using alcohol for non-beverage purposes.

The non-beverage user license allows the licensee to make multiple purchases of alcohol or wine for specific quantities and use during the term of the license.

Apply/Renew Online

To use the online system you must pay using an electronic check or credit/debit card. Please note that the payment processing vendor charges a service charge for electronic payments, $1.50 for an electronic check or 2.5 percent of the total for credit/debit card use.

New License Application

License Renewal Application

Monthly Report

Non-Beverage User licensees must complete and file a monthly report that is due on or before the 15th day of the following month in which alcohol or wine was purchased.

Non-Beverage Permit

The non-beverage permit allows a school, college, hospital, sanatorium, school or other institution caring for the sick to make a one-time purchase of alcohol or wine to be used for scientific, chemical, experimental, mechanical or medicinal purposes.

The permit holder must purchase alcohol or wine from a manufacturer, distributor, microbrewery, microdistillery or farm winery. At the time of purchase, they must provide two copies of their permit to the seller.

New Permit Application

Reporting Permitted Purchase

Within 10 days of the purchase, non-beverage permit holders must submit their invoice along with a copy of their permit to ABC. The invoice and permit may be emailed to

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