Common Carrier Information

Liquor Reporting Requirement for Common Carriers

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Liquor Carrier Reporting user guide

Every express company or common carrier is required to submit monthly reports of known alcoholic liquor shipments from outside of the State of Kansas that was delivered to consumers within the State of Kansas.

A carrier company who willfully refuses to file a report shall be subject to a civil penalty of up to $500. The liquor carrier monthly report must be filed no later than the 15th day of the following month for the previous calendar month's shipments. The liquor carrier monthly report must still be filed, even if the carrier did not deliver any beer, wine, or spirits to Kansas addresses.

A carrier shall maintain all records supporting monthly reports of alcoholic liquors delivered in Kansas for a period of two years. Upon request by the ABC director, additional records supporting the report shall be made available.

Carriers have the ability to enter the Kansas alcohol delivery report information manually or may choose to upload a file of data that meets the following file specifications:

File format should be CSV files. Excel can output CSV files. The first line of these files may contain the field header. All 9 columns are required. The fields required to have data are noted with a * next to the item name. The data provided should be for the Consignor (seller) not the Consignee (where you delivered package to.)

  1. *Shipper Name – 50 char max– no commas
  2. *Shipper Address Line 1 – 50 char max – no commas
  3. Shipper Address Line 2 – 50 char max – no commas
  4. *Shipper City – 40 char max – no commas
  5. *Shipper State – 2 char
  6. *Shipper Zip – 5 char min / 10 char max (no dash just numbers)
  7. *Delivery Date – date format (e.g. 01/24/2016)
  8. *Weight of Delivery - 9 whole, 3 decimals places, report in pounds
  9. *Tracking Number- 30 char max – no commas