Brand Registration and Label Approval

Each brand must be registered and each label must be approved prior to making shipments to Kansas distributors.

Once a brand has been registered with a franchise agreement, it will be valid until the supplier notifies ABC to cancel the brand and all approved labels.

A $25 annual label fee is required for each size of each label to be sold in Kansas. Approved labels are valid from the date approved through June 30th. All approved labels must be renewed each year the product will continue to be sold in Kansas.

The $25 label fee applies to suppliers and Kansas manufacturers as follows:

  • New label registration
  • Adding a new label to a previously registered brand
  • Changing the vintage on a currently registered product
  • Adding an additional vintage to a currently registered product
  • Changes to a currently registered label, even if it does not require a new COLA

Brand Registration and Label Approval Forms

Terminating My Franchise Agreement With My Kansas Distributor

  1. At least 30 days in advance of the termination of your franchise agreement, submit a written notice of intent to the ABC Director stating:
    • Your intent to terminate your franchise agreement.
    • The distributor's name and distributor license number.
    • A list of all brands affected.
    • The effective date of the termination.
  2. Complete the form Affidavit of Kansas Supplier of Alcoholic Liquor or Cereal Malt Beverage Regarding Termination, Modification or Alternation of Franchise Agreement ABC-1007.
  3. Fax or email your Notice of Intent and executed ABC-1007 form to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Marketing Unit.
  4. Upon receipt, the ABC Director will immediately notify all affected parties of the impending termination by sending a 30 day notice via certified mail. [K.S.A. 41-410(c)]
  5. Any distributor aggrieved by the termination may file an appropriate action in any district court of this state having venue, alleging that the termination violates the franchise agreement between the supplier or distributor involved. If a lawsuit is filed, no further action will be taken on the brands until the case has been resolved and the ABC notified accordingly. [K.S.A. 41-410(e)]
  6. Unless otherwise directed, the termination, modification or alteration becomes effective on the 31st day or the date specified that is greater than 30 days.
  7. The brands will be inactivated then removed from the Active Brands database on the ABC website; or if applicable, changed to a new distributor.

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