Driver’s Education Instructor Portal

Commercial and school district appointed Driver’s Education Instructors in the state of Kansas are required to submit student applications, pay application fees, and print documentation from the Driver’s Education Instructor Portal. In order to obtain access to the portal, Instructors must be approved by the Kansas Department of Education and register in the Customer Service Center prior to use.

Private Drive Schools


Contact Information

Commercial/Private SchoolKDOR_DOVDE@KS.GOV

USD School – Medical Vision Unit –
This is only for DE Portal questions only, any other questions regarding USD’S please contact Department of Education.

Public or USD Drive Schools

New Driver’s Education School?

All new Driver’s Education Instructor Portal users will need to complete instructional computer based training (CBT) in order to be granted access to the portal. Please fax or email your completion certificate along with the FEIN Request Form to the Medical & Vision Unit in order to set up your account. You will be contacted with your account information within 7-10 business days.

Additional Information

Contact Information

Driver Solutions Medical & Vision Unit
Phone: 785-368-8971
Fax: 785-296-5857