Dealer Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

You will access the Dealer Web Portal through the KS Webtax site, so you must be signed up to use KS Webtax first.

No. You can use your existing user ID to access the Dealer Web Portal through KS Webtax. From there, you attach your dealership account to your KS Webtax account using your dealer folder number. Your dealer folder number is located in the upper left-hand corner of the monthly sales report cover sheet or on your license renewal notice. If you do not know your dealer folder number, call 785-296-3621 and choose option 6, or send an email to

Yes, but you should only have to do that once to attach your dealer account to your KS Webtax account. First you log in to KS Webtax and then to the Dealer Web Portal. Your user name for the Dealer Web Portal is your dealer number. Once you attach your dealer account to your KS Webtax account, your dealer account will be available immediately after login to your KS Webtax account.

They are required only to set up the account.

Yes. You can assign each one a username and password and then tailor their access for only the parts of the portal they need. To do this, have each person who needs access to the Dealer Web Portal to generate print-on-demand 60-day permits register though KS Webtax at During registration, the person will choose a user ID and password. He or she will give you the username, which you will add to your Dealer Web Portal account. You can set the person’s level of access to full or to 60-day permit only. After that, the person can login using his or her username and password.

All transactions are by electronic funds transfer (EFT). Credit cards cannot be used.

You will need to set up an electronic funds transfer to pay for the print-on-demand 60-day permits.

Yes. The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yes. These are temporary permits. The system does take into account that events like you describe will occur. The system is not so restrictive that it will not allow you to print another permit within the 60 days, but it will be monitored for signs of misuse. If we discover the system is being used in ways we do not intend, we will investigate the circumstances.

If you are unable to print the permit for some reason, or you accidentally close the window before you print it, then you've lost the ability to print that permit.

You can, but you are charged for each permit processed. In a situation like this, if you had saved the original electronic permit (PDF), or had printed two copies so you could save one in the file, you would be able to print another copy (from the PDF) or make a photocopy of the one you saved in the file. Saving the permit electronically or on paper is recommended.

If you are currently issuing cardboard permits for them, then yes.

Tags are protected by a plastic bag. The bags have holes in them that line up with the screw holes on the vehicle. We also provide a piece of cardstock to provide stability for the permit.

Yes, the bags will be sent directly to you at your business location.

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