Kansas Combat Wounded / Purple Heart Plate

Purple heart motorcycle plate

A Combat Wounded/Purple Heart plate may be issued for an auto, motorcycle or truck registered for 20,000 lbs. or less which is titled or leased in Kansas in the name of the Purple Heart medal recipient.

At the Purple Heart recipient’s option, and if qualified, NO MORE THAN TWO of the following decals may displayed on the Combat Wounded/Purple Heart plate: silver star, bronze star, combat medical badge, army combat infantry badge, navy/marine corps combat action ribbon, army distinguished service cross, navy cross, air force cross or distinguished flying cross. These medals &/or ribbons must have been awarded by the United States government.

To qualify you must:

  • Be a Kansas resident or a member of the military who is not a Kansas resident and is stationed at a Kansas military base or office.
  • Vehicle must be titled in Kansas in the name of the applicant or the leasing company from which the applicant is leasing the vehicle.
  • If the applicant is discharged, a copy of the DD 214 showing the issuance of a Purple Heart Medal. If the applicant currently has a Kansas Combat Wounded plate, a copy of the registration receipt for the plate may be presented in lieu of the DD 214.
  • If the applicant is currently serving as an active duty member of the U. S. military, a document or certificate issued by a branch of the U. S. military attesting to the awarding of a Purple Heart medal will be needed. The documentation must list the applicant’s name.
  • The branch of service and medal &/or ribbon decals must be noted on the DD 214.

Steps to obtain the plate:

  • Make application for the Combat Wounded/Purple Heart plate at your local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office.
  • The branch of service and medal &/or ribbon decals must be noted on the DD 214 which must be presented to the county treasurer’s motor vehicle staff.
  • Proof of valid insurance must be present at the time of application.

Fee for Purple Heart plate:

  • Standard registration fees and property taxes are due for the vehicle to which the Combat Wounded plate is issued.
  • All decals have a fee of $2.00 each.

Related Kansas Statute(s):

KSA 8-1,140, 8-1,156