Wichita to get a second driver's license office


Wichita - A new driver's license office is on its way to Wichita. The office, currently under construction, is located inside the Kellogg Crossing, 610 S. Tyler. It is expected to open by summer break 2020.

The new roughly 10,000 square foot office will include 14 work stations to help with processing driver's licenses and the driver's solutions unit to help with other license issues. When it opens, this location, just like others in the region, will use the scheduling module. Customers can schedule their visit to the office by going to http://getinline.kdor.ks.gov/webappt.

"This additional office will allow us to better serve the area by giving more options to our customers on where they go to get a driver's license," David Harper, director of vehicles said.

"The Sedgwick County region sees a large portion of the state's license transactions. We hope by adding this office, we will be able to address some of the wait times we've seen."

Also, this location will have the space needed to host training for employees and county clerks in the region to lessen the need to drive to Topeka.

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