Kansas gets new personalized license plate design


TOPEKA - Beginning January 15, 2020, a new personalized license plate design will be seen on Kansas roads. The plate, featuring wind turbines on a Kansas sunrise, is aptly named "Powering the Future." It will serve as a reminder of the state's long history of embracing the natural energy resource of wind.

"Kansas is a leader in alternative energy and this plate helps feature the fact the state has a long history of adopting technology that shapes the future," Secretary of Revenue Mark Burghart said.

“I am pleased that this license plate design comes on the heels of Kansas being ranked first in the nation for percentage of electricity produced by wind,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “At the same time, it is a display of an expanding industry that contributes so much to the economic fabric of our state.” "The new personalized plate design has been highly anticipated," David Harper, Director of Vehicles, said. "We are happy that people continue to take pride in and show interest in the option for personalized plates."

Customers will need to go into their local county treasurer's office to place the order for the personalized plate.

To obtain the personalized plate, county treasurers will require customers to have their current registration receipt, photo ID, and proof of insurance.

Customers who currently don't have a personalized plate can go to their local county treasurer's office with those documents and pay the plate fee and any additional fees associated with the plate order. They will receive a temporary vehicle tag and the metal plate will arrive in the mail. This can be done ahead of the regular renewal month.

For customers with the current 2015 personalized plate, a letter will be in the mail 45 days before the regular due date of the registration telling them they have the option to switch their current personalized combination to the new plate. Customers will be able to keep their 2015 personalized plate as their own keepsake. However, to keep the current saying/combination, they need to purchase a new personalized plate.

An application for a personalized plate can be printed and completed prior to the visit to the respective county treasurer's office by clicking the following link: https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/tr715.pdf.

The cost of the plate will be $45.50 in addition to other registration fees and taxes normally due. Click on the images below for a larger image of the plates.

New personalized plate image
New disabled personalized plate image

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