Frequently Asked Questions About Business Registration

Businesses can register for most taxes through Kansas Department of Revenue Customer Service Center. This service also provides online registration with the Secretary of State for corporations to do business in Kansas or to register with the Kansas Department of Human Resources for unemployment taxes.

Another option is to complete the Business Tax Application (CR-16). The application must be properly completed and signed. Fax the application to 785-291-3614 or by mail at:
Kansas Department of Revenue
PO Box 3506
Topeka, KS 66601-3506

There is no business tax registration fee. However, if you require a cigarette retailer's license a $25 fee must be submitted with the application. The Cigarette Vending Machine Permit fee is $25 per machine.

  • Name change - Federal documentation required
  • Change in FEIN - Federal documentation required
  • Change to mailing or physical location address
  • Change in ownership
  • Corporate officer change
  • Change in business activity
  • Additional locations
  • Business closure

Change in ownership type such as sole proprietor to a partnership, LLC or corporation, or change in Federal Identification Number require re-registration.

Complete Registration Schedule for Additional Business Locations (CR-17). For your convenience you may also contact the department by phone or fax.

We require the following information for each additional location:

  • Beginning date for new location
  • Business activity type
  • DBA name
  • Physical business location which must be a street address, no PO boxes
  • For Kansas locations identify whether the location is inside or outside of the city limits

No. Multiple locations can be registered under one sales tax number as long as they are all operating under the same business entity and federal identification number. You must provide the location address information for each one and indicate if it is inside or outside the city limits.

You are required to answer each question in Parts 2, 3, 4 & 12. Parts 5 through 11 are required if applicable to your type of business activity. Please allow 2-3 business days to process.