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If you are accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Customer Service Center, please select the Register Now button in the top right-hand corner of the webpage or click Log In to access your accounts. Once you have logged in you will be able to make electronic payments, file your sales, use or transient guest tax return and view your online activity in one system under the security of your own password.

What is the Customer Service Center?

The Kansas Department of Revenue’s Customer Service Center allows you to list all of your business tax and individual income tax accounts in one directory. After registering and creating an account using your email address and password, you can organize your account directory by entering the Employer Identification Number (EIN), Social Security Number (SSN) or license number and the assigned Access Code related to each tax type.

Once you have added your accounts, you will never be asked to enter the Access Code again. Professional accounting and payroll services can list all of their clients under one or multiple email addresses and passwords. The following tax types can be added to your account directory:

  • ABC Distributors
  • Charitable Gaming
  • Cigarette and Tobacco
  • Consumer’s Compensating Use
  • Corporate Income
  • Dealers
  • Driver's Education Portal
  • Dry Cleaning
  • IFTA
  • Liquor Drink
  • Liquor Enforcement
  • Mineral (EFT Only)
  • Motor Carrier Property Tax
  • Motor Fuels (EFT Only)
  • Privilege
  • Retailer’s Compensating Use
  • Retailers’ Sales
  • Tire Excise
  • Transient Guest
  • Withholding

Electronic Funds Transfer Payments

This system gives you the capability to make electronic payments using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit method for transfer. Under this method, you authorize the Department of Revenue to electronically transfer your tax payment from your depository into the State’s account. You will be asked to provide the financial routing information that is necessary to perform the transaction. Once provided, the information will be retained in the system but will never be displayed back to you in entirety for increased security. You can delete or edit your financial information as the need arises. EFT payments can be initiated for all tax types accepted for management in your account directory.

Sales, Use and Transient Guest Tax Returns

File the ST36 Retailers’ Sales Tax return online and receive real-time confirmation of your transaction. You can also file the CT9U (Retailer’s), CT10U (Consumer’s) Compensating Use or TG1 Transient Guest tax returns. When you select to file your tax return, the system will provide you the correct online form at your required filing status. Your filing status (frequency) is determined by statute and is based on your annual sales or use tax liability. If your filing status changes at the start of the calendar year, the online system will automatically adjust for the change, but will still allow you to file for a prior period at the old status if you find it necessary to file a past due or amended return.

The online system allows you to manually enter your information and at the same time save and store it until you are ready to submit your return. Otherwise, if you report collections in multiple jurisdictions and compile your data in a computer-based spreadsheet, you can upload your information in a simple to format file from your desktop folder to the online application.

Kansas law requires that you submit a tax return even when you have no activity to report. The online system makes it easy to file a zero-based tax return. Simply select your filing period and check “No activity” and continue to easily submit your return.

The ACH Debit method is included as a payment option giving you the capability to electronically “file and pay” in one system application. You can also pay electronically as an ACH Credit, instructing your bank to transfer funds from your account to the State’s account utilizing the required payment format. Otherwise, a completed payment voucher will be provided for print and submission along with your check or money order.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

The Sales Tax Exemption Certificate application allows sales tax exempt entities to apply for an exemption certificate, update name and address information on existing certificates, inform the department of an organization's disbanding, and provides the ability for an exempt entity to print a copy of their exemption certificate.

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