Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Card Payments

Taxpayers can make their Individual Income tax and Business tax payments by credit card. This service is available on the Internet through third-party vendors. These vendors charge a convenience fee based on the amount of tax being paid. This fee may vary by vendor.

Credit card transactions are strictly between the vendor and the taxpayer. Likewise, any disputes specific to the card payment will be between those two parties. Rules regarding the credit card transactions are available at each vendor’s web site.

Kansas taxes can be paid by credit card through the following vendors:

Payments can also be made by telephone through ACI Payments, Inc. by calling 1-800-2PAYTAX (1-800-272-9829). The Kansas jurisdiction code is 2600. For payment verification inquiries, call 1-866-621-4109. Allow 48 hours for processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The listed third party credit card vendors are companies that have been approved by the Kansas Department of Revenue to receive and transfer payments from Kansas taxpayers to the Department for personal and business taxes. Payment options vary by vendor as do convenience fees to use their service. For detailed information about what each vendor offers, visit their respective web sites.

Faster payment via the Internet without writing or mailing checks. Flexibility to pay credit card balances over time. Security of knowing your payment has been made.

Each system has been tested and proven. Financial information is secure and information is private and will not be forwarded to anyone. For more information about security and privacy, visit each vendor’s web site.

Yes. You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the payment transaction. This confirmation number and your credit card statement will provide confirmation of your credit card payment to the Kansas Department of Revenue.

48 hours after you use the third party vendors' automated system to pay your taxes, you can call the respective vendor’s toll-free telephone number to verify your payment. You'll need your payment amount to process your inquiry.

Call the respective vendor’s toll-free telephone number.

Each vendor does charge a convenience fee for processing the payment transaction. The fee is not charged by the Kansas Department of Revenue. The convenience fee is assessed to cover operating costs and the costs associated with servicing thousands of transactions. Convenience fees may vary between vendors.

You will be informed of all charges and fees before you authorize the payment.

When a consumer uses the service, two line items will appear on their credit card bill. One is for the tax owed to the Kansas Department of Revenue and the other is for the convenience fee charged by the vendor.

The type of taxes that can be paid by credit card vary by vendor.  Individual Income tax and most business tax payments may be made by credit card.