The Comma Seperated Values (CSV) File Format

  • Each record is one line
  • Fields are seperated with commas.
    Example John,Smith,123 Oak St.,Topeka,KS,66604 (Do not use special characters such as % as this may keep your file from uploading)
  • Spaces at the beginning or end of a field are ignored.
    So John , Smith , is equal to "John" and "Smith". Space characters can be spaces or tabs.
  • Fields with embedded commas must be enclosed with double-quote characters.
    For example: Tom's Cars, Trucks and Vans would have to be "Tom's Cars, Trucks and Vans" because it has an embedded comma.
  • Do not put double-quotes around numeric-only fields.
    Information enclosed in double-quotes is read as a text field instead of a numeric field, and will cause your file to err out. "123 Oak Street" is ok, "66604" is not.
  • Do not include header records containing column (field) names in the file.

To Save Your Spreadsheet as a CSV:

  • Click FILE
  • Choose SAVE AS
  • In the FILE TYPE drop-down box, select CSV (may also say COMMA SEPERATED or COMMA DELIMITED)
  • Click the SAVE button

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