Transient Guest

Important information regarding the transient guest tax system

As part of the Kansas Department of Revenue's continuing effort to simplify return filing and payment options, a new transient guest tax system has been implemented.

What’s New?

  • Electronic filing is now available, see Notice below
  • Transient Guest tax accounts have been assigned a new account number.
  • The Kansas Transient Guest Tax Return (TG-1) has been revised and should be used for Transient Guest returns beginning with June 2015. The size of the return has been reduced and deductions are now found on the back of the return.
  • A blank TG-1 return can be printed from the link below.
  • If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 785-368-8222.

Some Kansas cities and counties impose a transient guest tax (in addition to the sales tax) on the rental of rooms, lodging, or other sleeping accommodations. The guest tax applies when there are more than two bedrooms furnished for the accommodations of guests and when the room is rented for 28 consecutive days or less. Contact your city or county clerk for the appropriate local rate for your area.