Underage Liquor Enforcement Training and Enforcement Requests

Training for Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Identifying Fake Identification Cards (IDs)

How to identify false IDs including Kansas Driver’s License, Kansas Identification Cards, Immigration Cards and Social Security Cards.
Duration: two hours

Investigating Fake IDs Rings

How to conduct an investigation into the manufacture and/or selling of false forms of identification.
Duration: one hour

Enforcement Underage Liquor Laws

How to most effectively enforce underage alcohol laws. Investigative techniques covered include: cops in shops; controlled buy investigations; bar checks; furnishing surveillance; third party sales; party patrols; working hotels/motels; keg registration investigations; detecting fake IDs; investigation fake ID rings; and, submitting cases to ABC for administrative prosecution against liquor licensees.
Duration: three hours

Law Enforcement Agency Training Request

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