Tax Incentives

The Kansas Department of Revenue provides an outreach program that furnishes information about the tax incentives available to individuals and businesses in Kansas. The department visits with cities, counties, chambers, businesses and other groups to promote the Kansas tax incentives.

Our goals are to first make our customers aware of the Kansas tax incentives offered and second to provide our customers with the information necessary to understand and qualify for the tax incentives made available through Kansas law.

If you are interested in having a representative from the Kansas Department of Revenue speak to your group about Kansas tax incentives, please contact our Tax Incentive bureau at 785-296-3070 or by email:

Most states provide some type of tax incentive, whether in the form of credits or exemptions for the construction of a new building, the improvement of an existing building or the hiring of new employees. Kansas law provides for a variety of tax incentives to the average business or individual that include tax credits, exemption from sales tax and property tax abatements and refunds. A brief description is provided of the different Kansas tax incentives. A more detailed explanation of each incentive is available by clicking on the heading of each incentive type.